We are in the process of finalising the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary business that will be registered in and trading from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.  

As a business that has an establishment in an EU State it will be able to own (buy and sell) and use .eu domains. We have a contract that we will offer to any UK based .eu domain Registrant ('owner') the opportunity to:

  • the contract confers the management and use of the domain(s), in perpetuity, to the original owner - who can use the domain(s) as they wish
  • transfer the domain(s) to us (the Tallinn based company) - we become the Registrant - the domains can be hosted by InternetM8 (the Internet Service arm of BusinessM8) or by any other hosting service by configuring the DNS appropriately
  • terms and conditions & fees will apply - one of the most important being that the use of the domain(s) is subject to the appropriate fees having been paid in a timely manner

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1. Domains

The registry manager of the .eu and .ею (Cyrillic script) country code top-level domains is EURid. It functions under the direction of the EU Commission.

These domains can be 'purchased' through a number of authorised sources and this transaction is termed a sale or lease of the domain name, and the registrant may sometimes be called an "owner", but no such legal relationship is actually associated with the transaction, only the exclusive right to use the domain name. More correctly, authorised users are known as "registrants" or as "domain holders".


2. EU Rules and BREXIT

EURid has published guidance on this and quotes from the EU Commission's 'Notice to Stakeholders':

The revocation of existing holders’ rights and the prohibition for registrars from processing any more requests for registrations or renewals for .eu domain names whose holders are no longer eligible must be prepared so that the necessary measures are effective as from 1 January 2021 or, in case that there were no withdrawal agreement in force before 30 March 2019, as from 30 March 2019.”

The full Notice is available here

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